Collection: Iridescent Hummingbird Fine Art Collection

This Limited-Edition collection, draws inspiration from the mesmerising colour and iridescence of hummingbirds. Each example shines with its own unique and enchanting beauty. 

Comprising of six captivating paintings portraying various hummingbirds, this collection is a heartfelt tribute to these extraordinary creatures. Inspired by their innate fragility and the resplendence of the many variations of hummingbird, these vibrant and simplistic pieces are depicted with colour and optimism.

The use of iridescent paints adds another dimension to these delicate pieces, bringing them to life in your home with a captivating shimmer and sparkle.

Versatile and suitable in any living space, at the core of this collection lies my desire to encapsulate the very essence of the hummingbird's splendor. These limited-edition pieces will feel at home in both traditional and contemporary settings and are designed to complement each other when displayed together with others from the series.

Iridescent Hummingbird Fine Art Collection